What You Will Discover

If you’re like most of my readers, you have an Etsy store or small business built around your passion. You are ready and eager to move your passions forward into profitability.


You crave the ability to automate a lot of the marketing and business systems so you can focus on what you love: creating new products, enjoying time with your family and living your life.


This blog is for you!


Here you will discover an entire toolbox of resources designed to help you get more views on your store, set your products apart and start gaining traction. My goal is to help break down some of the mysteries around marketing and business. I’m also going to share what is working for me, tools to help you along in the process and insights from others successful in their journeys.



If you hang out here long enough, you’ll be able to master each of these different topics. Sounds like a pretty good reason to keep coming back.


Along the journey, I’m also going to reach out to different industry experts to get their take on the hottest trends, things to avoid and tactics you’ll be glad you implemented that day.


Let me know what your challenges are!


This is a collaborative endeavor. I want to hear from you! The more I understand about your unique journey, the better I can tailor this blog to help you.


Let me know here!


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