How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Store


Let’s be honest for a moment. Pinterest isn’t the sexiest social media out there. It’s the tortoise in the world that wants the hare. It’s a slow steady progression that takes time to build and time to matriculate into traffic to your store. When looking to market your Etsy store, you’re looking for timely results.


So why even bother?


Pinterest wins the long-term game. You invest time diligently to growing an audience. They browse Pinterest in the most purchase ready mindset out of any social media channel. Pins you put out weeks ago, sometimes even years ago, continue to drive high-quality traffic to your store. Your audience associates you with your tastes, preferences and turns to you for inspiration.


Now we’re talking a winning strategy. All Etsy stores should work to cultivate this type of return on their social media time investments.


So now for the question we’ve all been waiting for.


How do you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your Etsy store?


Glad you asked. Let’s dive into the basics for growing your Pinterest account, which leads to increased traffic back to your store.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. This helps fuel all the super awesome content on the blog, keeping you on top of your Etsy marketing game! 


Stunning Photography

Pinterest is a giant photo board. When you combine a lot of different photos, certain ones gravitate to the top. The ones that capture the eye of perusing pinners stand out against the pack.

When building Pinterest into your Etsy strategy, use long form pins. {Click for more insights on Pinterest for Etsy store growth}

Your photos need to stand out against the competition.


Start with only posting high-quality photos. As appealing as it may be, sharing sloppy camera photos doesn’t gain the traction you’re aiming for. Instead, invest time into creating stunning images of your products. These can be used as your product photos as well, giving you a win-win.

Use space and layout to your advantage. Pinterest utilizes a vertical format. Horizontal photos essentially shrink on Pinterest, with vertical photos appearing to grow in size and presence. When your pins maximize a vertical layout, you create more space on the feed giving pinners more opportunity to fall in love with your pin.


More attention equals more pins, more repins and more potential buyers clicking through to your store.


Use Canva, or other photo editing software, to help size your images in Pinterest friendly layouts. Templates make life SO much easier.

Want to get more out of your high-quality photos? Instagram thrives on high-quality photos. Learn more here.

Write Captivating Descriptions

The photo gets the majority of the attention. It’s not the only factor to consider.

Your description entices the viewer to take action, particularly clicking through to your store. By capturing emotion, telling a story or giving just enough detail to spark interest, the description can separate a pin from a pretty picture to an actionable item.



The description holds weight not only enticing your viewer to click through to your site, it also plays into how Pinterest analyzes each pin. With the new smart feed, Pinterest weights content based on relevancy. The more relevant your content is to a specific viewer or a related search, the more likely Pinterest is to show more pinners your image.


While there are a lot of factors that play into defining relevancy, the description is one of your best ways to weave in relevant keywords the Pinterest can use to curate content.


Create Fantastic Boards Descriptions

The power of a description isn’t limited to pins. Crafting interesting and targeted board descriptions also play a part in informing your audience – and Pinterest – about the focus of your board. Keywords factor into search results. Remember, at the end of the day, Pinterest is basically a giant purely visual search engine.


And you want to rank for terms relevant to your products.


For both your pin and board descriptions, utilize the Google Keyword Planner to hone in on specific search terms people are using in your space.


Curate Great Content

Here’s the hard truth. Great Pinterest boards highlight content from a variety of sources. That means you curate boards filled with inspiration from likeminded accounts, similar sellers and other influencers in your space.


I know, we all want to push our own content out there, limiting the exposure of competition.


Social media doesn’t work like that. Instead, social media accounts succeed when you provide immense value for your audience. This means drawing from multiple wells when looking for content.

Curating great content on Pinterest is one step toward driving traffic to your Etsy store.

Through focusing on first providing value to your audience, and second working to sell, you build trust with your audience. Trust breeds purchases, referrals, and loyalty in your customers.

Make sure you have done your research!

Pin Consistently

Social media isn’t a one and done endeavor. Thousands of people visit Pinterest every day. Pinning a perfect pin three months ago to rest hollow against empty boards doesn’t get any traction in the space.


Keep showing up to get results.


The more you put out there, the more chances fellow pinners have to encounter your particular sense of style. By building a reservoir of great content, not only can fellow pinners easily identify with you, Pinterest now has a better idea of the type of content you pin to pull into their algorithm.


This means consistently pinning.


In order to hit a broader range of your target demographic,


Since every time I wander into Pinterest I seem to lose a few hours, I utilize a scheduling tool. Also, who truly has time to be on Pinterest all day? We have businesses to run. Through Tailwind, I can post pins throughout the day, hit approximately 20 pins a day, and sidestep the massive time suck Pinterest traps me in every time I log in.



What used to be an all week endeavor takes less than an hour on Sunday evening. It’s also the day during the week I can afford to browse through the countless inspirational channels on Pinterest.


Now that’s a winning strategy as well.


Join Group Boards 

This is perhaps one of the least utilized tactics out there. There are countless boards with up to thousands of followers open to contributors. As long as you pin related content, you’re granted access. Easy.


The trick is finding boards that relate to the content you’re trying to promote. To help out, I’ve listed 31 Group Boards ideal for Etsy Sellers. There are countless more, but after scrounging up that list I was thoroughly exhausted! It will get you going.


When you pin content to these group boards, you gain access to ALL of their followers. I make sure to curate great content to their boards, as well as sharing my own pieces. It’s helped skyrocket my follows, as well as having my own group board. You’re welcome to join mine, which is the first one listed here.


To maximize these boards, I pair my group boards with “Boards List” feature in Tailwind. I combine all the boards that curate similar content so I can pin to all of them simultaneously.

You can find the Boards List in Tailwind’s sidebar under “Publish.” I’ve created several with keywords to indicate which type of content I can and cannot pin. When working with group boards, it’s important to follow the rules, otherwise you’ll get kicked out.



To pin to a group, start to type the name of the group when you use the Tailwind Scheduler. It will auto populate the group and individually add each group board to the list, altering you if you’ve scheduled there before. This is important because group boards don’t like duplicated content.


Looks like I’ve scheduled this pin to all of these boards before, which is why all the boards are in yellow with the little “!” sign.


I’ve also found that Tailwind lists my group lists first without even typing. It also indicates how many boards are in each list and will not add a duplicate board if I add to two lists. 


The key is to regularly schedule to the group boards (but not more often than their rules state). This continually keeps you top of mind for their thousands of followers. I do want to emphasize that it’s not all about sharing your content, although that’s a piece of it.


Lastly, when I schedule one pin to multiple boards, I use the “Interval” tool to make sure the content gets spaced out. I don’t want my followers flooded with 27 of the same pins as I hit all the boards I want to. It’s at the bottom of the scheduling tool. You can either set X number of hours between pins or day intervals. I typically do 3-4 days apart.






Ready to Get Serious About Pinterest for Etsy?

I didn’t start getting serious about Pinterest until I started utilizing Tailwind for scheduling. In short, my endeavors fell short of even a halfhearted attempt. That was a poor choice on my part. My sad account stood plain and empty for months. While I will never regain that time back, today I actively work to pin several hundred images a week to capture avid readers from the Pinterest sphere.

Marketing an Etsy Store - 5 ways to drive more traffic and sales through using PInterest

Despite not being an early adopter, I’m confident that over time Pinterest will grow to be my largest source of traffic.


Because I’m bold like that.


If you’re looking to ramp up your Pinterest presence, or merely sidestep the constant black hole it creates sucking up time (yes – I’m talking to you DIY board), then start using a scheduler.


With great insights, easy scheduling and robust analytics (analytic junkie over here) I chose Tailwind. Can’t beat a free trial either. Feel free to use my affiliate link to jumpstart your free trail.*

Whether you’re an analytic junkie like me, looking to shave time off implementing your Pinterest strategy or merely wanting to explore Pinterest as a robust marketing option, I’m sure you’ll be smitten with this tool in no time.


* Not only do I have an affiliate partnership with Tailwind, but I also personally know a lot of the rock start team they have in placeI recommend Tailwind because I see how dedicated their team is to creating solutions for you – the Pinterest users! So, feel free to use that link (at no cost to you) and enjoy your free month on Tailwind!  


Do you use Pinterest for Etsy? Let me know what type of results you get or some of your biggest questions in the comments.