Tapping a Need in the Market: Etsy Profile on MRC Wood Products

Market demand plays a huge role in any business’s success. When you can combine demand with limited supply, you hit a sweet niche for a business. That’s exactly what Mike Crowder of MRC Wood Products did when he added his stunningly crafted customized wood signs to the Etsy marketplace.


Through delivering high-quality products every time and striving to exceed expectations in customer service, Mike turned his hobby into a thriving business. This new venture allowed him to leverage his creativity while working with his hands.


Mike was generous enough to share insights behind the incredible success of MRC Wood Products, as well as advice for those thinking about jumping into the Etsy marketplace.


Mike from MRC Wood products shares insights to his Etsy success.


Filling a Need in the Market

“After some research, I noticed no one was selling carved signs on Etsy so I began my Etsy store in 2010.”


Tapping into a need in the marketplace paid off. In the last six years this company completed 62,567 sales on Etsy alone. Filling a need was only part of the equation.


“Our quality and craftsmanship for a reasonable price cannot be matched. We pride ourselves in quick turnaround times and excellent customer service. We offer handcrafted wood signs, cutting boards, mounted prints, wooden frames, glass signs and more – all carefully crafted with attention to detail.”


Attention to detail was pretty much the only way to describe the way he crafted each pristine engraving on every customized piece.


How MRC Wood Products grew to have over 100,000 sales on Etsy and their own eCommerce website.


Expanding Platforms

“I love the Etsy platform where creative people with a great product to sell can begin. Etsy has provided so many tools for our success and they have certainly helped us along the way. We sold on Etsy exclusively for several years and opened our own eCommerce site not even two years ago. We also sell on Zazzle and through a couple of other outlets.”


Their own website allowed customers to seamlessly explore through the variety of handcrafted pieces as well as creating subcategories for each main section. Rather than perusing through all cutting boards, they could narrow in on the section of bamboo cheese slicing boards.


That being said, it would have been a shame not to explore the wood cutting boards as well. What craftsmanship!


How MRC Wood Products grew to have over 100,000 sales on Etsy and their own eCommerce website.


Maximizing the power of their own platform in conjunction with Etsy grew their customer base to over 100,000 all time customers. It quickly outgrew Mike’s capacity.


“I love what I do and I’m passionate about local business and providing an opportunity for jobs in my town. My wife, Jenni, and I work as a team and we put in long hours. For us, it’s worth it to see our company grow to the next level.”

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Eventually, the team grew to include full-time employees and an entire warehouse devoted to maintaining the level of craftsmanship Mike set when he started MRC Wood Products.


How MRC Wood Products grew to have over 100,000 sales on Etsy and their own eCommerce website.


Doubling Down on Photo Quality

“I take the product photography myself and work to make sure each item stands out. We update our store regularly with new products and information if applicable. It’s important to have fresh, relevant content.”


How MRC Wood Products grew to have over 100,000 sales on Etsy and their own eCommerce website.


Despite each product only displaying one photo, the sharp design aspect captured your attention right from the start. Mike artistically varied the backdrops between home scenes and all white backgrounds. This created an enjoyable user experience when exploring the store, as well as worked to provide valuable context to shoppers. With pieces that played a larger part in the home, Mike photographed them in a room or with related items. This helped customers visualize how it could bring a room together.

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Start Today

Have you been thinking about opening an Etsy store?


“Just do it. Be brave and start. Provide quality products and excellent customer service. Remember how important each customer is. Etsy customers are looking for unique, quality items. Be sure to deliver.”


While replicating the ability to find a high demand market with limited supply might not be the case today, focusing on delivering high-quality craftsmanship and emphasizing customer service can help set you apart in a busy marketplace. Discovering ways to make your products unique, either through customization or product sourcing or ramping up the creativity, goes a long way to stand out in the crowd.


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MRC Wood Products shares insights on how they grew to over 100,000 customers!