Instagram Challenge Day 12: Reposting

Yesterday we talked about “wooing” your audience. In case you missed it, check it out here. It was full of great snazzy, cheeky and downright entertaining tips.


Today we’re upping the ante.






Odds are you’re scratching your noggin right now, pondering, “What in the world is reposting?”


You’re not alone. It’s a low-key tactic that many times you need to be reading the comments to see. Once you get the details, you’ll start to see it everywhere.


Reposting is when you repost someone else’s post to your feed. In short: their photo and comments up on your feed.


Now it’s important to only do this with permission. You can either direct message them or comment on their photo with a short ask to repost their photos. It doesn’t hurt if you give a little loving on it while you ask.


Next question, “Why would they want to be reposted to your feed?”


In reality, it’s a great thing for them. Their content gets in front of your audience. Most people will gladly agree. Sometimes users even seek out opportunities to be reposted, as it’s a good way to grow their base.


For savvy Etsy stores, showcasing your audience’s posts, particularly when they are strutting your products, is an ultimate win-win-win. You highlight users, show off others using your products and have high quality content on your feed.


Check out this post on one top seller who excels at Instagram!


How to Repost Well


We went over number one, asking permission. Once you have permission you can repost two different ways.


  • Take a screenshot of the post, uploading the photo through the app and adjusting the size to crop the excess image.
  • Leverage an app like Repost to make it simple. They give credit to the original account automatically and include the original description. Paid accounts also have the image posted as is. Free accounts have a small tag crediting Repost.


Whenever you repost, make sure that you give photo credit to the original account. Not doing so can not only aggravate your audience, it can get you in trouble with Instagram’s term of services.


I always give a little note at the front of the original description giving a shout out to the account I’m reposting, as well as to highlight something fun about their photo.


Here’s how to use the Repost App:


How to repost on Instagram

  1. Find the post you want to Repost and click the button with three little dots;
  2. Click the “Copy Share URL.”
  3. The image and description will be copied to the Repost App. A popup from Repost will let you know that it’s been copied. You can click through to Repost (although if for some reason it doesn’t, you can just open the Repost App).How to repost on Instagram
  4. From Repost, click the image you want to share.
  5. It will bring you to a window where you can chose which space you want the repost sticker (paid accounts don’t have the sticker).
  6. Click to open in Instagram


From here you’ll walk through the steps like a normal post. Once you get to the description, hold down your finger in the description box until the “paste” button pops up. Click paste and the description will auto populate.

Bringing it Home

Action Items:

  • (Suggested) Download a reposting app like Repost;
  • Get permission to repost one of your follower’s or admirer’s photos;
  • Repost!

Task Time: 10 minutes


Teaser: Tomorrow we’ll be diving into engage with the “Big Guys.” It’s going to leave you on the edge of your seat. Don’t forget to post today – or to keep that queue active in your scheduling tool to hit those great times.