Branding: How to Create Your Ideal Customer

If you want to have a successful store, there’s one key component: customers. Not every product out there has customers, which makes efforts a hobby rather than a business. To successfully land you in the business side of things, it’s important to identify who your customers are. This empowers your product design to match with their needs, interests and even delight their sense of humor.


The key to building a strong brand is understanding your customer. Once you master this step, you are on the path to turning passion into profits.

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Ideal Customer Profile

If you’re just getting started, here are the main components I recommend outlining when building out an “ideal customer profile.”


  • Male or female;
  • Age range;
  • Family status;
  • Kids or no kids.



  • What types of social media do they use?
  • Where do they go for inspiration?
  • What types of places do they like to hang out in?
  • What are their hobbies?


Defining Characteristics:

  • Name 3 things that distinguish them?
  • What groups do they self-identify with?
  • What motivates them?


Relationship with Your Product:

We’re digging deeper here!

  • What about your product appeals to them?
  • Why should they recommend your product?
  • What will bring them back to purchase from you again?

Once you start looking at your customers through this lens, you’ll be able to create products specifically for them, better market to them and create passionate customers willing to return again and again.