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How to Use Tailwind Tribes

Have you been invited to test out Tailwind Tribes? A bit on overwhelm? Been there. In order to tap into all the amazing amplifying powers of Tribes, you need to master the basics. Welcome to your complete guide on how to use Tailwind Tribes (even if you don’t have a paid account). What is Tailwind […]

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How to Join the Savvy Etsy Community Group Board on Pinterest

THIS BOARD IS CURRENTLY CLOSED Looking to amplify your Pinterest marketing? Well I have just the ticket for you. Join the Savvy Etsy Pinterest Group Board to help get your pins noticed by a plethora of new customers and boost your Pinterest presence.   This new board has been growing steadily and is eager to […]

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Free Instagram Love For Your Etsy Shop

Did you know that there are Instagram accounts out there that want to promote your store – for FREE!!!! Yes, as crazy as it sounds, dedicated Instagrammers are actually looking for store owners just like you to showcase your products.   DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE LIST HERE.   I know you might be thinking that this […]

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