Branding and Marketing

Etsy SEO Tutorial – How To Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Let’s take a second to state the obvious. SEO, regardless of if it’s for Etsy, Pinterest or blogging, remains a bit of a mystery to many. Even those of us who study it sometimes find ourselves scratching our heads.   If you’re looking to remove the veil of mystery and pinpoint traffic rich keywords, enticing […]

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Super Bowl Sized Marketing Lessons for Small Shops

Yes, most of us did it. We hunkered down on Sunday without hesitation to binge on lavish dishes and tune into the most widely watched television event of the year, the Super Bowl.   Despite not watching a single other game this year, I dutifully made my way on Sunday to commence in the time-honored […]

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Branding: How to Create Your Ideal Customer

If you want to have a successful store, there’s one key component: customers. Not every product out there has customers, which makes efforts a hobby rather than a business. To successfully land you in the business side of things, it’s important to identify who your customers are. This empowers your product design to match with […]

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