How to Use Tailwind Tribes

Have you been invited to test out Tailwind Tribes? A bit on overwhelm? Been there. In order to tap into all the amazing amplifying powers of Tribes, you need to master the basics. Welcome to your complete guide on how to use Tailwind Tribes (even if you don’t have a paid account). What is Tailwind […]

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Tutorial – How to Use Google Trends for Etsy SEO

Ever wondered how some stores knew which products to make and the biggest buyer trends? Curious how to pinpoint if your Etsy keywords have real live people looking for them? This post is part of the Etsy SEO series designed to help you figure out which keywords can drive buyers to your store (and to […]

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Etsy SEO Tutorial – How To Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Let’s take a second to state the obvious. SEO, regardless of if it’s for Etsy, Pinterest or blogging, remains a bit of a mystery to many. Even those of us who study it sometimes find ourselves scratching our heads.   If you’re looking to remove the veil of mystery and pinpoint traffic rich keywords, enticing […]

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