Alexandra Black-Paulick

I’ve Been Added to a Group Board on Pinterest. Now What?

You’ve been officially invited to join a group board on Pinterest. Or at least that’s what the group admin told you. In truth, you might have no idea what that actually mean. Or worse, you don’t even know how to accept that invitation. If that’s where you are, then this is your post. I did […]

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31 Etsy Group Boards on Pinterest (And How to Join)

To be totally honest, I was skeptical of the power behind Etsy group boards. Despite seeing time and time again testimonials attributing mass group boards driving serious followers, I wasn’t convinced.   Then I started doubling down on group boards. Botta bing botta Boom – it paid off! When paired with a strategic group board […]

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Using Teachers Pay Teachers to Travel the World

You meet all types of people on the road. Yet, even knowing that, I never thought I would stumble across someone to interview for this blog in the remote regions of northern Thailand. Despite that, sitting at a café at a female nomads meet up, I found myself right next to Christina Cadalzo, Teachers Pay […]

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