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Are you an Etsy store owner, side hustler or small business owner eager to turn your passion into profits? I’ve been in your shoes.


From the eagerness to break through to success to the frustrating nights troubleshooting, I know those emotions all too well. To the self-doubt in your abilities to even the struggles to not be swept away from the most recent shiny object, I have been there too.


Know that…

  • If you are looking to provide extra income each month, or develop a little more freedom in your life…
  • If you are trying to grow your current business, or even replace your day job…
  • If you have been struggling to gain traction or looking for ways to scale…

… you’ve made it to the perfect community to give you the boost you need to accomplish your goals.


I’m Alexandra Paulick. Marketing and strategy are my jam! A business junkie at heart, I am inspired by the innovation, creativity and dedication millions of Etsy storeowners, small business owners and side hustlers showcase every day.


Which is why I am dedicated to giving you the tools to thrive in your business.


My Story

Today I help empower small business and Etsy store owners like yourself master marketing and develop effective business strategies to move forward.



I didn’t start out here. Like many of you, it was a bumpy ride to discover how to blend my unique gifts and passions to create work I loved.


Believe it or not, I started out in college with a graphic design degree. Turns out I’m a terrible designer. I can hold my own when it comes to illustration (meet one of my favorite characters below). Yet, full-time design was not my cup of tea. I also got a first-hand look at the challenges of making money as an artist. Too bad I didn’t know about Etsy then.


But this skill opened a lot of doors.


Enticed by purpose-driven organizations, I started my career with AmeriCorps then moved into the nonprofit sector. A large portion of my responsibilities revolved around telling the organization’s story and promoting events. Needless to say, I fell in love with marketing.


Soon thereafter I found myself working with a marketing agency in San Diego. What I loved about this was my ability to help nonprofits and small businesses. Here I honed branding, strategy, and messaging skills.


And then came the itch.


I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the itch. It starts as a small voice in the back of your head with a desire to start something new. Next thing you know branching out on your own endeavors.


Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster.


After trying my hand at several different endeavors, I finally learned how I could use my unique gifts of teaching and marketing to help others. During this process, I came to know and love the Etsy community. I was inspired by their creativeness, dedication and incredible passion for their craft. Understanding the struggles of making a living as an artist made me love the platform even more.


So here I am today. Driven by passion like yours, my goal is to share my marketing, branding, and business knowledge to help you thrive in your business.

Other Fun Tidbits


I grew up in Idaho, fell in love in Montana, and then moved to Southern California. Today I spend my time traveling with my husband. Once we retire our passports (temporarily), we’ll head to the Rocky Mountain region to put down roots. Yes, all this time by the beach and I yearn for the snowcapped mountains, crisp fall mornings and days out cross country skiing.


A few other things you may need to know about me before joining in this journey:

  • I cringe when people tell me, “can’t.”
  • Major podcast junkie.
  • Outdoor enthusiast.
  • I don’t like chocolate (Gasp!). There’s also a debate in my family if I was born this way since they can’t believe it either.
  • I have an obsession with salsa, fruit and drink more water than a camel (or so I’ve been told by waiters).
  • I’m so passionate about helping people that I’ve been known to help chart out career paths or business strategies with strangers on an airplane or friends at a bar.


Your Journey


Most likely you’ve already started to experience the ups and downs of starting and building your own business.


This site is a haven for you to test out and learn the marketing and business techniques that will move your business forward.


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