31 Etsy Group Boards on Pinterest (And How to Join)

To be totally honest, I was skeptical of the power behind Etsy group boards. Despite seeing time and time again testimonials attributing mass group boards driving serious followers, I wasn’t convinced.


Then I started doubling down on group boards. Botta bing botta Boom – it paid off! When paired with a strategic group board pinning approach, I started to see my follower count rise. So, to get you rolling, I compiled a list of Etsy group boards for storeowners to join in on the Pinterest amplification.

1) Savvy Etsy Community | Sellers Supporting Sellers (currently closed)

It’s fitting to lead the charge with my own board right? I created this to help sellers amplify their wares. Any Etsy seller is welcome to join, and content is limited to Etsy related stuff (mainly wares). It’s pretty basic and easy to join. To help, I created a post outlining the rules, considerations and quick steps to join.


Join the Etsy community here.


2) Etsy Friends

To all the sellers specializing in vintage, antiques and primitives, you’ve officially found your tribes. This group seems to be super selective about who they allow to join, so make sure you fit the vibe.


To get added, leave a note on one of the pins. If I were you, I’d find one that the group creator eStuffMart added so you get their attention.


Here’s the Etsy group board.


3) Happy Etsy Sellers Group Board

This vibrant board is for Etsy sellers eager to collaborate together. The creator Sorina Banica calls the members as part of the Happy Etsy Sellers and Growth on Steroids teams. To join, follow her and then send her a message.


Here’s the group board URL.


4) ♥ Crafts @ ETSY

To showcase beautiful crafts, highlighting them as amazing gifts, Crafts @ Etsy pulls together a group to put the craft world’s best foot forward. There’s also mention of staying on the front lines when it comes to discounts. The owner of the board, Fabric Asians, has sellers message them to join.


Get the full information on the group board here.


5) Etsy Mall

Here’s another solely Etsy seller board ripe for collaboration. The only guideline is to not share more than three items at a time. The owner’s e-mail is in the description, making for a simple on boarding process.


Find the group board here.


6) ✽ Support Small Businesses (Pin Exchange)

Not every great group board for Etsy sellers has “Etsy” in the name. I’ve included this phenomenally popular small business board because, well, Etsy sellers are spearheading their own small business. That and it’s chock full of products that create a good environment to share your products.


The creator lays out specific rules, although most are common sense, i.e. no nudity or other unsavory content. There’s not a specific guideline to join, so I would reach out to the owner Pamela Nicholas directly.


Here’s the group board.

7) I Own A Small Business Group Board

There’s another vibrant small business group board dedicated to helping owners just like you. Limit pins to no more than 10 a day. To become a contributor, follow Liv & Co, then message them with your Pinterest URL included.


Here’s the board with the full instructions.


8) Best of Etsy – ETSY Group Boards

This is another great Etsy collaboration board for handmade creations. This board is very strict on not allowing more than five pins at a time, and limit items to handmade crafts only. As usual, you’ll need to message the owner SeaCliffe for the specifics on joining.


Here’s the Best of Etsy group board.


9) ❤Etsy Group Board

This group’s content is super straightforward. Pin Etsy links. There you go, nothing else to it. Unfortunately founder A Place to Share is a little more vague on the details to join. Which leads me to the time old advice (used multiple times) to contact the owner directly. To access 20,000+ followers, it’s more than worth a little digging.


Check out the Etsy Group Board here.


10) ✿ Unique Handmade Products

Here’s another board perfectly suited to Etsy sellers, without Etsy formally being listed. Here is a showcase of stunning handmade craftsmanship combined with one of kind individualized products. Hopefully your products fit the definition of high caliber craftsmanship – which I imagine they will be.


The owner doesn’t list specific guidelines for joining, but you can check out their profile here. The handmade group board details are here.


11) Etsy Promotional

Yet another super straightforward board: Etsy promotion. There’s not any guidelines, or tips for joining. But there are over a dozen contributors so it can be done. Here’s the Etsy Promotional group board link, as well as the profile for the group owner Grace Design Studio.


12) Etsy Sellers Promo Team

This is a fairly newer board, but a growing one nevertheless. That said, I often find that your content doesn’t get lost in the shuffle when there are fewer contributors, less competition.


The Etsy Sellers Promo Team asks that you repin other’s content as well as sharing your own. This helps make the board that much more effective. Only members willing to be part of that team ethos welcome. Since it has high requirements, there’s not a specific guideline to join. I recommend reaching out to the owner Sandra Hermans.


See the Etsy Sellers Promo Team here.


13) Great Etsy Finds

This board is completely dedicated to helping Etsy shop owners showcase their fabulous products! Pin your items, but be mindful to not hog the board. Generosity keeps this board growing, which means promoting other shops as well. It’s all about collaboration. Only Etsy shops need apply, which you can do through messaging Emmalishop.


Check out Great Etsy Finds group board here.


14) Etsy & Ebay Galore

Point blank, in the description it states, “This is a self promotion board only!” Wahoo! It’s what you’ve been looking for. It’s strictly limited to Etsy sellers and Ebay stores. To actively add to the community, and make the board work for everyone, you need to repin two pins each times you drop a grouping in. Limit pins to no more than 6 in an hour. Their systems, as well as their paid promotion efforts, have been working as they are sitting just below 20,000 members.


Follow the board and e-mail the creators your store link to join in the fun. Here’s the group board link.


15) Etsy Love – Your Etsy Faves

This board is all about sharing the Etsy love! It’s for sellers and major Etsy fans to chip in, forever sharing the love and increasing referrals. To join in the love, follow owner EK Arts and then send them a message requesting to join.


Here is your Etsy Love group board.


16) All About ETSY

Call out to Etsy shop owners looking to promote their wares. This growing board is looking for more stores to keep the momentum going. Follow creator Martha Cluett to get an invitation.


Here’s the All About Etsy group board.


17) Etsy Wonderland Showcase Group Board

Another Etsy stores exclusive group board, Esty Wonderland Showcase highlights stunning work by passionate sellers. Content is limited to Etsy related work and the owner asks that contributors don’t add more than 5 pins a day. Message the owner Rhiannon Clarice for more details on joining.


Here’s the group board details.


18) Best of Etsy

Best of Etsy is another collaboration of Etsy shop owners to pool together their efforts to share in on the Pinterest loving. It’s a special invite only, which is, well, vague.


See what’s going on with Best of Etsy here.


19) Etsy Finds

This board claims to be the fasted growing curated Etsy Group Board on Pinterest. Who knows the truth behind the claim, but almost 11,000 followers is a lot to write home about. It showcases handmade, vintage and supply items from Etsy. They also call out that it’s only for Etsy listing.


There are no details on joining, but you can always message Dana the creator. Dive into the Etsy Finds here.

20) Handpicked Etsy Finds

Here you’ll encounter everything Etsy! Products, listing and treasures can all be found here. Limit your pins to four at a time, as well as helping others through sharing their content. Invite the group owner Kara Kirkpatrick directly for your invitation.


Here’s your guide to the Handpicked Etsy Finds group board.


21) Etsy Decoration Group

This is a pretty clear-cut board. Pin your items to the board then share out at least ten with your audience. The short description didn’t really provide advice on joining in. Which means status quo, contact the owner Etsy Wall Art S.


See what’s going on with Etsy Decoration group board here.


22) Etsy Jewelry & Accessories – Etsy Group Board

Sellers creating stunning jewelry and accessories, here’s your tribe. Pins are limited to no more than 5 per day. Follow board creator Caila then message her on Etsy to get the formal invitation.


Here’s the Etsy Jewelry & Accessory Group Board link.


23) Etsy Jewelry

This board is incredibly straightforward. It’s for Etsy sellers to share their jewelry. Contact board owner LaAlmendra for the specifics on joining.


Find the Etsy Jewelry group board here.


24) A-Z about Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Did I mention how much I love it when board names make it super clear? This board is all about – you guessed it – antique and vintage jewelry. It’s your general guidelines here: no spamming, no duplicating and avoid ads. They do have one addition I’m a fan of, no price tags.


Happy pinning! Find the board here.


25) Etsy Wedding Shops – For Sellers and Buyers

Wedding related Etsy stores have found their board. While a large majority of the pins tend to relate to jewelry, this board captures all the items that Etsy sellers create specifically for weddings. To join up, follow the creator Chicago Landia then contact them through their Etsy page.


Here’s the vibrant Etsy Wedding Shops Group Board.


26) The Etsy Wedding Shop Team

Check out this lovely collection of handmade items for a wedding. The creators encourage you to explore the items, as well as the owners of the shops they represent. There’s a possibility this board is a hand curated board, which means perhaps it’s more selective on who joins. That said, there are a lot of contributors, so it’s worth an ask. Here’s the creator.


Connect with the Etsy Wedding Shop Team board here.


27) Helping Etsians Promote

Here’s a board solely for Etsy sellers to promote other Etsy sellers. This board has a high limit, no more than 25 pins a day. While it’s great, I still recommend not spamming the board too much. That’s where a good scheduling tool comes in.


This is another Chicago Landia board, which means you can follow them and follow up with a message through the Etsy store.


Here’s the Etsian group board details.


28) Etsy Christmas Gifts

If you craft products perfectly suited for Christmas gifts, then the Etsy Christmas Gifts group board is just your ticket. The description is slim on details, lacking anything around how to join. The creator is Fabricasians, which is your best bet for getting in.


Here’s the group board link.


29) Etsy Gift Ideas 2017

I don’t know if this group was just started in 2017 or if they change their name every year for better SEO. Either way, props for gaining 10,000+ followers. This group board is exclusively for Etsy sellers. To join, follow creator Rosa S and then send her a message via Etsy. After all, it is exclusive for Etsy sellers.


See Etsy Gift Ideas Group Board here.


30) Reclaimed to Fame

To the sellers who recycle items to create stunning new pieces, Reclaimed to Fame is your home away from home. Here pinners share recycling ideas and items to encourage others to do the same, and highlight items that reduce waste to their passionate following.


Here’s the board.


31) ♥♥ Lovin’ Primitives ♥♥

If you’re willing to inspire customers with your sense of flair, and you make strictly handmade, this is the board for your. Lovin’ Primitives highlights – go figure- primitive items and farmhouse style decorating ideas. Make sure to add value to the group, and not sell sell sell. They encourage handmade (by you times).


Check out the board here.


31 Etsy Group Boards on Pinterest for sellers - amplify growth, increase followers and increase traffic for your store.